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Our mentorship and business relationships are important ingredients to a fledgling economy’s growth and stability. In every instance, we invest heavily in the local population to help build skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Find out more about our capacity building services.

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Tunisia Case Study

As Tunisia approached its first free elections since the country's independence in 1956, the U.S. State Department turned to Strategic Social for assistance in helping Tunisia’s press corps prepare for election coverage.

Our team delivered a robust set of training modules that helped the journalists learn skills to ensure objectivity, ethics and law, and new techniques in production of print and digital news. Our approach built journalism capacity and created a best-practice model for pre-election training.


Capacity Building

Strategic Social Capacity Building

Our experience in challenging environments is infused into all aspects of our capacity building work. We understand personal, business and societal growth will lead to strategic depth, stability and greater opportunities.  We also understand outside investment can be vital to building capacity and work to link the international business community with business people and opportunities in emerging markets through our Enterprise Solutions.

Strategic Social’s services span the spectrum of capacity building, from educational training to business skills development and economic expansion strategies, to conduct in a free press environment and infrastructure renewal. Through hands-on training and strategic counsel, Strategic Social assists our clients in connecting productively with their constituents or intended audiences.

Strategic Social Capacity Building

We also are adept at direct delivery of services that build capacity through infrastructure development. Our robust international network is available to meet our clients’ objectives through trusted, local partners that can successfully complete the work.

Our Infrastructure Development solutions include:

  • Procurement, Operations and Maintenance
  • Information Management and Fusion
  • Oilfield Services and Solutions
  • Construction and Road Building
  • Logistics Management
  • Workforce recruitment, including local-national employees